Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a good holiday! Here is what's going on in the life of Erica...

Current knitting projects, like I said before, are the Maine Morning Mitts, the Cables and Lace Afghan, and the February Lady Sweater. I still don't have pics of the sweater, but I have FINALLY taken pics of the other two.

Maine Morning Mitts

Yes, I know they're not very far along. Apparently I can't comprehend basic knitting instructions until I read, frog, read, frog, and re-read again. Maybe I shouldn't try to knit after working 10-11 hour days. Just doesn't quite work for me.

Cables and Lace Afghan

This is obviously pictures of the squares blocking. It's done in really cheap acrylic Red Heart Super Saver 1 lb yarn because I know that beautiful monster of a dog (the cute pic at the top of the page) will get the most use out of it and it's going to need to be washed a lot.

Other projects that are in the works are that chair that I mentioned before, totally cute by the way, and I bought a learn to spin kit from Ma and Pa Spindles. Maybe I can actually get pics of those tomorrow since I finally have a day off. My bank account is totally loving this overtime, but damn, I have no time for anything FUN! I wanna knit more!

xoxo Erica :)

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