Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm so horrible at this...

Well it's been another 6 (or 9...whatever) months since I've blogged. I'm a busy gal though and I work a ton. To quote my co-worker "Nazi corporate america is sucking the life out of me!" And ain't that the truth! This is gonna be a quick post though because my ass is pregnant (more on that later) and I'm hungry. I just wanted to show my current project in between working and moving.It's the Concentric Squares baby blanket that I'm making for a friend who is about to pop any day now. Please forgive the crappy picture, I can't find my camera cord after my move this past weekend.

Anyone wanna give me some good ideas for gender neutral baby knits???

I'll be back soon, I promise.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bad Blogger! Bad, Bad blogger!

Holy moly, do you think 6 months is a long enough time between blog posts? So much has happened in the last 6 months. Lots of emotional ups and downs that I really don't want to get into, but things have seemed to stabilize. So many projects! Pics or it didn't happen though! Let me go take pics around my house...brb...

Ok, photo shoot over. The 1st project is a rocking chair that was sanded down, re-painted and the seat re-covered. I love the toile fabric that I used for the seat. So cute :)

The 2nd thing is not necessarily a project, although I might clean it up some. I actually found this on an antique mall browse. It's a Singer sewing machine built in 1924. That bar thing coming out of it is what you use to make it sew instead of a foot pedal like what is used now. It is in great working condition and has the cover and key with it.

I have been doing some knitting. Not much, but there's some. I was working on the February Lady Sweater and had gotten through the yoke when the worst thing ever happen. The new puppy ATE my project! No no, not only did she eat my Dream in Color Classy yarn, she also ate through my Addi Turbo's!!! Off to the pound she went! No, I'm kidding, she didn't go to the pound, but I didn't talk to her for a couple hours...ok maybe just one. I'm a sucker for those damn dogs.

One project that was actually finished though was the Pinwheel Blanket. It still needs to be blocked, but the knitting part is done. It's made for a friend's cousin's baby who will be here in the next month or two. I should get on that blocking...

And the last project that is actually being worked on is a kids rocking chair. I have sanded it down and started painting it, but I ran out of paint so it is on hold til I get more. I think I'm going to paint the whole thing white then paint some kind of design on the seat. Not sure what yet though.

That's pretty much it for what's going on around the house right now. Well, I do have a love life and was accepted into the Paul Mitchell cosmetology school, but I'll leave those things for another post.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just for the hell of it

I decided to throw in another project because I loved this yarn and Christy wanted another hat.


Turned into this:

That's a pretty bad picture of it, but it's just a basic beanie. I love the alpaca yarn though. Holy fuck it's so soft!

I don't like getting into political discussions, but man I hope Obama can do some good for this country. I'm so tired of hearing my co-workers talk about how he is going to fuck everything up and turn this country to shit. I just want to yell "What the hell do you think has happened the past 8 years????" But I don't because they are ALL Bush fans and it would just be a total gang fuck with them telling me how wrong I am. This is the first year ever that I am going to watch the inauguration. I am very hopeful.

Happy Inauguration Day!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FO: Freezing Ass Morning Mitts

Pattern: Maine Morning Mitts by Clara Parks

Yarn: Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool in "Storm" colorway

These are my first mittens and after frogging the thumb about a half a million times, I finally ended up with a pair that I can stand. This is Christy modeling them since they are for her.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Two steps forward, one step back

I was so proud of Christy this morning. We are getting ready to move so we got some boxes yesterday and she was going to start packing today while I was at work. This morning she says that she just isn't "even going to touch your yarn." She would just wait for me to do it at the last minute because she doesn't want to be responsible for messing anything up or packing something that I might need. I thought that was the cutest thing in the world. She knows how important it is to me and doesn't want me to be without it. So then tonight we are going through some more stuff to pack and I find a couple of scarves that I had knit a few years ago and set them aside. After a while she is getting all of the trash together and asks if they are going in the trash!!!!! I look at her just...dumbfounded... and wait to see if she was just kidding. She wasn't. Then I ask "how could you ever think that I would throw away a hand knit item???" She didn't see what the big deal was. Man...I thought there was more progress made than that. Guess I've got some work to do.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I don't know about it.

I have all these great ideas while I'm at work about what I can blog about...then it just all goes away once I get home. I've taken a bunch of pics that I guess I'll just post. Here are some of our first snow. I know it's not as much as a lot of people are getting, but when you grow up where it snows like once every 7 years, it's a lot.

View out my front door:

Here is my poor little car:

And this is a pic through the screen door on Christmas day. I was too cold and tired and lazy to go outside and take the pic. :)

Here is a look at my drop spindle and wool that I'm supposed to learn how to spin on...wait, that I REALLY want to learn how to spin on....I feel like I don't have time for anything. I wish I could stay at home and knit and spin and refinish and sew and and and... Ok, back on track, here's that picture.

Ok, I really really hate how I have to drag all the pictures from the top of the page on Blogger. Does anyone know how to make it so the pics that you upload go to where your curser is? It's really friggin annoying trying to drag them alllll the way to the bottom of the page.

Damn I sound bitchy. Ok so some good that's going on is Christy (the better half) and I are moving into a house at the end of this month so we can finally have that beautiful monster (the one at the top of the page) living with us again. It's our first actual house rather than an apartment and I am so damn excited! Three bedrooms and two baths....more room for yarnie yummies! We are also getting another puppy. She is a pure bred black lab and we named her Sabbath, or Sabi for short. I'm sure there will be pictures of her at the top of the page soon.

Ok so hopefully I'll actually remember what to blog about next time. Maybe I should take notes while I'm at work.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone had a good holiday! Here is what's going on in the life of Erica...

Current knitting projects, like I said before, are the Maine Morning Mitts, the Cables and Lace Afghan, and the February Lady Sweater. I still don't have pics of the sweater, but I have FINALLY taken pics of the other two.

Maine Morning Mitts

Yes, I know they're not very far along. Apparently I can't comprehend basic knitting instructions until I read, frog, read, frog, and re-read again. Maybe I shouldn't try to knit after working 10-11 hour days. Just doesn't quite work for me.

Cables and Lace Afghan

This is obviously pictures of the squares blocking. It's done in really cheap acrylic Red Heart Super Saver 1 lb yarn because I know that beautiful monster of a dog (the cute pic at the top of the page) will get the most use out of it and it's going to need to be washed a lot.

Other projects that are in the works are that chair that I mentioned before, totally cute by the way, and I bought a learn to spin kit from Ma and Pa Spindles. Maybe I can actually get pics of those tomorrow since I finally have a day off. My bank account is totally loving this overtime, but damn, I have no time for anything FUN! I wanna knit more!

xoxo Erica :)